Wednesday, October 27, 2010

holiday time :)

exam is over :)
im so glad it finish already,,
but i think i would get low for my marks.
because i didnt really ready for the exam..
im studying like really last minits..
2 days before exam i think..
haha..for amer please ready to belanja me..cuz you said that
if i got lower marks than you you will belanja me right :) you need to be ready for that..haha..
and its holiday time..
i want to go out..
but really pokai..
i really need to save money cuz i wanna go out..
like so many times..
my parents would not give money everytime i wanna go out..
maybe someday only.
argh..tension..i wanna go out la daddy..give me money k..
  :)  : P
:O  XD
 <3 <3