Thursday, October 21, 2010

want i want to do.

first of was 2.46 in the morning..
and im still bloging and updating my blog.
the first thing i wanna do in my life is
    :)  get well in my spm exam..i hope i will get good marks and can lanjutkan pelajaran dekat luar negara.
      i hope i can make my parents proud with my marks..

next :) i hope i can play guitar..
          and make a song by myself.
         i really hope that and im sure i will make sure it will happen
        i promise that i will make that happen. :) <3

 third :)
after spm finish i want to go holiday with my friend only..
yes we going to spend our day among ourself..
i really hope we going to do that in other country..
i really want to go to island that we can spend our day in the island..
if not island a place where we can go shoping and have a gurl stuff there..
and i hope to go to france.

and last for all..
i want to have a perfect boyfriend that loves me just the way i am.